Annette is best known for her ethereal landscapes, inspired, indeed nurtured by, the diverse flora encountered in her travels. The soft tones and subtleties of her watercolors find a counterpoint, in the bold colors, hard edges and contrasts of her acrylics.


Listen to the music of your soul and free your spirit.


Annette’s Story

The beginning

From the beginning, nature has inspired in me a passion and resolve to develop my own highly interpretive expression of it, akin to what in literature is referred to as magical realism. Watercolor is my preferred medium. It’s sensuous and versatile nature enables me to create a visual invitation, whereby those viewing my work can enter a communion with it, and garner a more definitive understanding of themselves.

Searching for Style

My interest in painting was  initiated  during my formative years living in an artisan community in New Delhi, where the work of local craftsmen contributed to my appreciation for color and technique. I received my formal training from Makerere University in Uganda, graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial and Fine Arts.