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Annette Natocho Stearns

Annette is best known for her ethereal landscapes, inspired, indeed nurtured by, the diverse flora encountered in her travels.  The soft tones and subtleties of her water colors find a counterpoint, in the bold colors, hard edges and contrasts of her acrylics.






From the beginning, nature has inspired in me a passion and resolve to develop my own highly interpretive expression of it akin to what in literature is referred to as magical realism. Watercolor is [...]



Water For me, jewelry design has evolved as an authentic extension of the women often portrayed in my watercolor paintings. Spanning my lifetime, living in Uganda, India, and now Bali, the simple, but graceful [...]




“Annette’s watercolors evoke a sense of tranquility and joy! With almost illusionary brushstroke’s, she captures the universality of her subject through her use of perceived negative space that is at once dappled with nature’s and her own exuberance and love of color and spirit.”


“Like a picture window, the scenes of Annette’s paintings pour serenity and peace into my home. In one room I’m transported to the rhythm of Africa; in the next to a serene lake in Yosemite.”

Tyler Durman

“Annette’s paintings have the eloquence of a bard honed to his task. Executed with precision, Natocho uses the fluidity of her brush strokes and temperance of colour to create pictures that speak to the heart.”

Conso Buzabo

“Annette’s paintings radiate the beauty and soulfulness of her subject. I have over 20 pieces and still counting.”

Fred Rariewa

“Annette’s style appeals to me – it is reminiscent of work I have seen and enjoyed by Irish watercolour artists, yet a the same time it is clearly African.  Her woodland scenes in patiular evoke feelings and a mood of serenity.  I can almost smell the dry musky forest floor as I enter the room where the paintings hang.”

Stanley Wilson

“When I gaze upon Annette’s paintings, the feeling of calm and an enveloping peace comes over me.  I have been particularly moved by her lake and forest renderings.  Annette is a Ugandan artiste ahead of her time.”

Geoffrey Kihuguru

“When my husband and I worked at the U.S. Embassy in Uganda, Annette was a favorite among Ugandans and expatriates alike, her appeal cross-cultural. Several of her pieces are displayed prominently in our home.  They are at the heart of our decor and constantly the subject of compliments.”

Liz Nightingale

“I have been a great fan of Annette for many years now. I first admired and bought her evocative watercolors way back in the year 2000 and have been a great admirer ever since.  We miss her here in Uganda, but certainly wish her well over yonder.”

Mark Wilson