Previous Exhibitions

Date Space
December 2014 Y Resort, Ubud, Bali, Indonesia
March 2014 American Embassy, Kampala, Uganda
February 2014 Ducks Nest Preschool, Oakland, CA USA
April 2012 Piedmont Ave Tulip & Art Festival, Oakland, CA USA
April 2011 Piedmont Ave Tulip & Art Festival, Oakland, CA USA
March 2010 Tulifanya Gallery, Kampala, Uganda
December 2006 Inside Outside Fitness, Oakland, CA USA
April 2006 Private Residence, Washington, DC USA
October 2005 AfriArt Gallery, Kampala, Uganda
July 2005 University of California Office of the President, Oakland, CA USA
May 2005 Nommo Gallery, Kampala, Uganda
March 2005 Sheraton Hotel, Kampala, Uganda
November 2004 American Embassy, Kampala, Uganda
August 2004 Equator Cafe, Masaka, Uganda
January 2004 AfriArt Gallery, Kampala, Uganda
December 2003 Biennale Festival, Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania
September 2003 American Embassy, Kampala, Uganda
July 2003 Private Residence, Kampala, Uganda
March 2003 Nommo Gallery, Kampala, Uganda
October 2002 Essex Studio, Cincinnati, OH USA
April 2002 Sheraton Hotel, Kampala, Uganda
September 2001 Marriott Renaissance Center, Detroit, MI USA
June 2001 La Fontaine Restaurant, Kampala, Uganda
February 2001 Wagadugu Art Gallery, Kampala, Uganda
October 2000 Wagadugu Art Gallery, Kampala, Uganda

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